Starting Your Business

Antonio Caldera Jr., CPA

So you’re starting a business! It’s exciting, and you’re ready to start putting your business plan into action. Building a business can be both fulfilling and challenging. Being informed about the state and federal requirements to start a business, hiring employees, and all the different taxes can overload entrepreneurs. Here are some of the many questions to ask yourself before you begin your journey:

● What business structure best fits my business type?

● What forms do I need filed to start my business?

● What are the tax implications of each structure (LLC, Partnership, ect.)?

● What all is involved in hiring and paying employees?

● How do I pay my employee and employer taxes?

● Will I need to collect sales tax, and how do I pay it?

● Will I operate in multiple states?

● Can I track my own income and expenses or do I need help?

Despite the many pre-opening questions you may need answered, you shouldn’t let these matters keep you from opening shop. Getting the answers to these questions will make you a better entrepreneur and get your business off on the right foot. We’re here to help! Give us a call to setup your free Startup Consultation.

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