Your Time is Valuable

Antonio Caldera Jr., CPA

"Time flies" is a common saying we may use or hear on occasion.  Once time passes, it passes. We cannot "make time" or "set some time aside." Thus, "wasting time" should be avoided so that we can spend our time doing the things we enjoy!

Unfortunately, I had a perfect example of "time wasting" and didn't even realize it right away. This is because I was working on something that needed to get done. The task at hand was networking computers. I'm a do-it-yourself sort of person, so I decided to give it a shot.  I know just enough about computers and networks to feel like I was capable. Long story short, I was four hours in and couldn't figure out why my computer wouldn't network! So finally I called an expert! (Thanks Gaven!) He was able to network my computers in a fraction of the time.  

What became clear was that I could have saved hours and headache by having called him in the first place. Learn from my mistake! Place more value on your time. Don't spend hours of headache trying to figure out how to process complicated accounting transactions or preparing your taxes.  Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource.  Spend it doing the things you enjoy. We can help and we are happy to help.

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